CopyScape allows users to enter the URL of the website where their content is located in order to conduct a search to see if any other websites are using identical or very similar content. While not all of the results are necessarily true cases of plagiarism, CopyScape points users in the direction of possible cases of illegal copies of content.

CopyrightSpot works in the same way as CopyScape, but the website offers more results than CopyScape. Although this means more results that are not actual cases of plagiarism, it gives users the ability to view a comprehensive listing of websites using potentially copied content. An added benefit of this tool is that the website allows users to display a badge on their website notifying visitors the the owner of the content utilizes CopyrightSpot to identify and remove illegally copied content.

CopyGator is another website that uses a URL to search for copied content and allows users to display a warning badge on their website. An additional feature of this badge is that it remains white when there is no copied content detected and changes to red if anyone posts identical or similar content on their website.

A unique tool that can be used to detect illegally copied content is Google Alerts. Google Alerts allows a user to enter a string of text up to 2,048 characters and create an alert that will let the user know if the text has been detected on any websites. Creators of original content should be sure to include quotation marks around the text before creating an alert.

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