E-mail marketing

Direct Mail

One of my favorite tools for sending out e-mails is Direct Mail for Mac. If you have access to a mailing server and you want to keep you e-mailing campaigns in check over your Apple computer you should check this app out!


With Direct Mail, you can easily remove any co-branding or ads from your email, and even use your own domain name in email tracking URLs.

Find out if your campaign is landing with success. Use real time tracking to see who opened your message, link conversion statistics, what email addresses bounced, and who chose to unsubscribe.

Direct Mail features side-by-side comparison view and charting to help you identity effective campaigns and our interactive mapping shows you where your recipients are located at the time of delivery. And, with our handy iPhone/iPad app, Stamps, you can view your reports anytime, anywhere.


I just found out about Smore, a lovely web based application that lets you create flyers in instants. What does it have to do with e-mail marketing you might ask? What caught my eye while checking out their pricing page was that you can send a flyer you made via e-mail. I’ll check this one out and get back with details.



Ioan Szabo


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