Data sources

One of my favorite data and statystical sources for Digital Marketing and online consumer behavior is It’s a free research tool will provide agencies and advertisers with consumer insights across 27 countries and 36 product categories, was lauched back in 2010 by IAB Europe it was developed by Potato, a UK based web agency, for Google and the Internet Advertising Bureau. The tool demonstrates how many consumers research online before making purchases, and charts the role of the internet in purchasing decisions across different countries. The Potato-built app structures the IAB’s vast quantities of research data, providing a simple interface so advertisers and agencies can rapidly derive the information they need from this complex data. Transforms hundreds of thousands of lines of data into useful information via a user-friendly front-end.


For those agencies and advertisers who have wondered what percentage of their target consumers are researching online before purchasing offline or wanted to compare the role of online in the consumer journey from research to purchase across different countries to help them allocate their marketing budget more effectively, help is now at hand.

Sources: /

Where to find data for your next infographic


Looking for some marketing charts? Here is a collection of great insight into marketing data.


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