Why you should use Search Terms Tool in Adwords

If you are running a Google Adwords PPC campaign you are probably concerned about the way your money is spent. It’s just not enough to bid on some keywords and hope that everything will work out. That is what I did at first only to realize the inefficency of just spraying my budget at some general terms and hoping to get relevant traffic for my business. Actually that is how outbound marketing works: make an ad, show it to as many people as you can for a certain amount of money. But now digital advertising takes us in the realms of inbound marketing: targeting specific users with specific ads thus driving relevant traffic to your website.

How can the Adwords Search Terms Tool help me?

Here is why I think inspecting how your Search Terms perform in Adwords is one of the most important thing to do:

– you can increase your ad’s quality score
– avoid irrelevant or non-converting traffic
– extend Adwords ads in your budget bracket

To maximize the efficiency of this tool you should set up conversion tracking.
In the image below you can see wehere to find your search terms list. If you select keyword details and all you will see  all of your search terms, if you tick one or more of your keywords on the left, then go to keyword details and selected you will only see the details for that (those) specific keyord(s).

adwords search terms

adwords search terms

What insights can the Search Terms tool offer?

Let’s say you start an ad with the broad match term buy fruits and after a couple of days you want to see how this keyword performed. You see you got a lot of clicks but what where the terms people searched for? Using your Search Terms tools you can see what were the exact words that got you traffic, for the example’s sake let’s say [buy fresh fruits] and [buy sundried fruits]. If you are selling  only fersh fruits it’s only common sense to exclude the second term as it gets you traffic that’s not relevant for your business.

I hope this will help you out with your Adwords campaigns. It did wonders for me!

Ioan Szabo