.net awards 2013, looking for the best talent, trends and technology

You have 20 days left to make your voice heard and vote for your favourite web designers and developers, projects and products. There are 10 categories in this year’s .net Awards.

.net Awards is looking for the best new designers, developers, entrepreneurs and agencies on the scene, putting toghether the most exciting new tools and technologies from the past year.
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Organized by .net magazine and Internet Explorer the .net Awards categories are: Game changer of the year / Best new web technology / Open source project of the year / Best online portfolio/ Side project of the year / New entrepreneur of the year / Brilliant newcomer of the year / Young developer of the year / Young designer of the year / Best new agency

You can vote here:

Ioan Szabo

3 great design e-books

Sitepoint has made a  3 e-book bundle available for a limited time.  The Design fundamentals.

Many non-designers believe that they’re unable to create visually pleasing websites because they didn’t go to art school, or that they lack creative flair.

Thankfully, this isn’t true – there are certain design maxims and techniques anyone can learn and apply to ensure that their website is not only functional, but sexy too. No art school required.

Find out more here.

Ioan Szabo