Bounced mails in Direct Mail

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As i was saying in my tools page my current tool for email marketing is Direct Mail for Mac. I’ve also used and was very fond of mailchimp but as i moved on to using a dedicated server for emails i decided to use this app as it has every area that i needed covered. I’m not using it’s templates though, i write my own html for the newsletter as i have some strict rules regarding styling and links parameters.

Hard Bounce

One of my problems using Direct Mail was managing hard bounces, usually those mails that are misspelled by their owners, fake or deleted, but there can be also different reasons for bouncing mails, i’m not getting into details at this moment.

If you send your message using e3 Delivery Service, then bounce messages are handled for you automatically and shown in the Reports tab. If you send your message using your own email server, then bounces will come back to your inbox.

Direct Mail can scan your mailbox for bounce notices and mark the corresponding addresses in Direct Mail as “bounced”. Here’s how:

  1. Choose Addresses > Scan Incoming Mail from the menu bar.
  2. Enter your incoming mail server details.
  3. Click the Bounces tab.
  4. Check “Look for bounced addresses”.
  5. Click Scan.

Direct Mail will connect to your mailbox and process any matching email messages.

If you think that Direct Mail is missing messages, please keep in mind that Direct Mail can only see messages that are still on the server. For POP3 mailboxes, this means that you must set your email client to not remove downloaded messages from the server.

By default, Direct Mail will remember the last message it processed and only download and process new messages. If you want force Direct Mail to start from the beginning of your mailbox, hold down the Option key while clicking Scan.

direct mail

How to unsubscribe hard bounces?

Direct Mail can automatically unsubscribe any email addresses that have hard bounced. Here’s how:

  1. Switch to the Reports tab and select a report with bounced addresses.
  2. Click the Bounces icon. You will see a list of the email addresses that bounced when this mailing was sent.
  3. Click Unsubscribe Hard Bounces.

Direct Mail will unsubscribe from your mailing lists the email addresses that have hard bounced.

You are also given the option of automatically unsubscribe hard bounces from your mailing lists. If you enable this option, each time Direct Mail discovers a new bounce, it will automatically be unsubscribed. This setting remains in effect for the currently selected mailing and any future mailings (but not past mailings) until you choose to turn it off.

What do you use for sending out those newsletter campaigns?

Ioan Szabo


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