Focus on returning customers

According to Adobe just 8 percent of visitors generate 41 percent of sales. Image

A customer that shops repeatedly could be worth many new customers. Adobe’s numbers show that a shoppers that make a second purchase may indeed spend 3 times more per visit than a first time customer. Also in time statistics show that a satisfied customer can spend over time 5 times more per visit than a new customer and also keep in mind that loyal people may also influence other prospects. By doing so they can generate additional sales for an online retailer trough word-of-mouth or social media buzz.

So it’s clear that already having a customer base it can be a good idea to earn repeat business rather than focusing too much on increase of traffic or conversion rates.

But what are customers really looking for? What tickles their buying gland? You can’t always afford having the lowest price, cutting profits can be dangerous for business so having high quality products, providing excellent customer service, offering seasonal discounts, making the buying process easy and convenient, rewarding repeat purchases, and saying, “thank you” can do the trick.

Source: Adobe

Ioan Szabo


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