File sharing, reinvented

In case you missed it, Kim Dotcom is launching Mega, a filesharing service a lot like Dropbox or Google Drive. Their promise is simple: dismantling copyright forever. As their statement on reads:

The war for the Internet has begun

Hollywood is in control of politics

The government is killing innovation

What is the catch, you might ask. Could this filesharing service really do what hubs, torrents and other filesharing hosts where struggling to do or this is all just media hype generated from a great marketing campaign? Mega will not be a free service so they really need the media exposure.

What makes this service not boring?

In a nutshell: privacy policy. You know, that long text that  nobody reads but everyone signs at the end. Not boring? Yawns overload. They really must have done a great job advertising this. But even our non-technical friends can understand the great idea Mega’s privacy is based on: files are encrypted locally before they’re uploaded and Mega has no idea what anything is.

What makes this so secure?

Mega doesn’t have the decryption key necessary to get in, this is how they plan to subverse copyright laws. But as we all know these types of companies have to cooperate with law enforcement. And I really don’t think that for 10 euros a month they will give you access to an unbreakable encryption method. Just another challenge for hackers.

I think I will just stick to my free cloud-hosting/filesharing services until the media buzz wears off and Mega will decide to give away free access to their services.

UPDATE: #Mega will have very generous limits for free users. For example you get 50GB storage for free 😉 via KIM DOTCOM’s Twitter account – how about that?

Ioan Szabo


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