The ABCs of Google Analytics

As announced at the #GASummit 2013 Google rolled out Acquisition, Behaviors & Conversions display under the Acquisition tab. This contains some of the most popular reports in Analytics that are accessed daily by users and it just got a facelift to provide a window on users’ Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion (ABC) cycle: how you acquire users, their behavior on site after acquisition, and their conversion patterns. They replaces the ‘Traffic’ Sources’ section on the left hand navigation.

google-analytics-acquisition-overviewABC copy



Find out more about the latest updates in Google Analytics like new Audience Reporting, APIs for Enterprise and the new educational initiative, Analytics Academy, Google’s online learning platform or MOOC (massive, open, online course) in this article The rundown: New products and features announced today at the #GASummit 2013

Ioan Szabo


Google in 1998

How many of you have seen or remember how Google, today’s biggest search engine, looked like 1998?
Celebrating 15 years, the colorful search engine has a treat for us, you just have to type in it’s search box “google in 1998”  to see the easter egg.